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Everyone knows that we have great fans and an awesome community at Palladium Books! Time and again, you've proved just how much you want us to survive and grow. Today we're asking you for one more little thing, Link to Palladium! Here's how!

Why Should I Link To Palladium Books?

We'd like to hope that you simply love our products, books, and community enough to share with others you know, but we understand if that's not enough. This incarnation of the internet is still a relatively new place for Palladium Books and we're just starting to wade into its waters. No doubt, there will be some stumbling blocks along the way, but we're committed to doing our best to become even more interactive and involved in our growing community.

We want to honor all of you who are investing in us.

We want to make the Palladium Books experience a great two way conversation. We'll take it one step at a time and we'll be honest with you all along the way, sharing everything we can (we have to keep a few surprises to ourselves) and we also want to release the standards of old business that kept a wall between Palladium and our fans.

Some people have noticed that the weekly updates have changed from a press release format, to a more personal one - that's the plan for the future. You are the focus of our next phase of growth and we are making you more important than ever! If you have something to say, we want to hear about it.

Keeping all of that in mind, we're asking you to help us kick start our journey to destinations greater than anything we've seen before. All we're asking you to do, is link to us.

Use your Social Network!

  • Share it! We've added social bookmarking buttons to the top and bottom of each page (see the icons?). If you like an article and want your friends and followers to know about it then by all means, send them a link! 
  • Blog it! If you have your own website or you run a blog, we'd love to see what you have to say! Palladium Books is starting a whole new era and we're just learining about how to have a great web presence so that we can be better connected to YOU, our fans, supporters and friends. 

Where Should I Link to Palladium?

We've already mentioned Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter. If you have pictures, you can reference Palladium Books or your favorite product titles in their Title tags or descriptions on websites like Flickr, or maybe you've made a Palladium Video and posted it on YouTube or Vimeo!

When Should I Start Linking?

Now! Take two minutes, find your favorite book, item, or page and click the one of the Share buttons at the bottom of the page. No matter where you link to us or spread the word, we just encourage you to share the love. By linking to us, you help other, new people find our websites and tell them what we have to offer.  If you write a blog post or make a picture or video, LET US KNOW! We're excited to grow the community and tell others about what you've done! 

Keep on Linking and sharing the community!

For advanced internet users:

Interested in using some HTML to make your links even better?

Use ALT and Title Tags!

In HTML code, a link looks like this:

This is what you see

This is the link text that turns ALT and Title tags blue. Both elements are used to help describe links, both for users with disabilities and for regular users who need more information before clicking on a link! They make this cool little popup when you hover over the link. ALT tags are also searchable by search engines and help them to know where a link is going and what is there.

Another thing that helps search engines learn more about websites is to have inbound links. Inbound links can come from Blogs, News websites, Forums, pretty much anywhere! You might even have your own website or "Social Media" accounts on websites like Facebook or Twitter, those work too! Use our Share buttons to post a link to pages and products you like and that might be useful to your friends.

What do I say with my Alt and Title Tags?

Be Descriptive. Search engines love Keywords or Key Phrases. These are words that are relevant to what someone would search for when trying to find something.

Make your ALT or Title tags something that someone else would want to read.

When Linking to Palladium Books, your ALT or Title tags should use text (the blue underlined text you see) in one of the following ways:

  • It should be about 2-5 words (title tags can be a bit longer) 
  • Don't simply make a long list of keywords as this may look like spam. 
  • Use a link: 
  • Use a specific link to a page or product: 
  • Use some Keywords (use a product or game component Name): Rifts Triax 2 brings the fight to the evil Gargoyles! 
  • Use a Key Phrase: Palladium Books is my favorite RPG 
  • Linking to a file? Use the file name in the link: BorgStats.pdf = Bio Borg Statistics
  • Use descriptive text around the link/image 
  •  If you have multiple links to Palladium, mix it up a little and have a use a few different ones!    

Cheers and keep the community growing!

~ The Palladium Staff

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